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Yanuar Hakim / CEO

Message From Director

Yanuar Hakim CEO of Trafoindo Power Indonesia


PT. TRAFOINDO POWER INDONESIA is a joint venture of Siemens Energy and PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa. We started in 2018, serving power transformer demands in domestic and regional market. The legacy from our parents, Trafoindo Prima Perkasa with 40 years of experience in transformer manufacturing and combining with advance technology from Siemens Energy, has brought the company into a high quality product that you can rely on. PT. TRAFOINDO POWER INDONESIA’s specialized manufacturing facilities and robust engineering infrastructure operate to ensure excellent product development, end-to-end quality control and technical services. Our facilities produce medium power transformers for the power utility sector, independent power producers, renewable energy and industrial sectors, with an initial production target of 200 units per year. We work in an eco-friendly and cost effective operation that leads to an overall profitable investment. We attuned our technology to meet different needs and demands for our various customers. We believed that PT. TRAFOINDO POWER INDONESIA will be a distinguished company and becoming market first choice for Large Distribution Transformer (LDT) and Medium Power Transformer (MPT) in the region.