Work and grow with dynamic team at Trafoindo Power Indonesia

Why Trafoindo Power Indonesia

TrafoIndo Power Indonesia Transformer is a commercial company that grows and develops in Indonesia. Trafoindo Power Indonesia was born to continue to support the world of electricity and finance in Indonesia. Through the motto of customer service "Powering Life", Trafoindo Power provides consistency to the Transformer in providing the best service for customers. In 2019, in addition to Indonesia, Trafoindo Power will strengthen its position to serve the needs of customers in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore & India. The progress designed by Trafoindo Power is the result of applying a philosophy that emphasizes passion and passion for consumers and the need for optimal improvement. In enhancing the company's growth and transformation, Trafoindo Power invites you young people to pursue a career and achieve dreams with us. Please take a look at the available job opportunity categories and make this a golden opportunity to realize your dreams.


Corporate Culture

The Company's success in achieving its strategic objectives is from the support, contribution and commitment of our Company's qualified human resources and have the appropriate competencies in maximizing company performance. Competent and asset-oriented employees and the main factors that determine the company's success. Trafoindo creates long working relationships that are mutually beneficial, enhances relationships and a sense of togetherness between employees and the company to achieve success both personally and professionally. To achieve this, Trafoindo Power consistently continues to prioritize the role and development of HR as one of the priorities of competition. With an updated career and performance system, Trafoindo Power ensures that employees receive appropriate rewards. In addition, the development system that is prepared in stages follows the development of responsibilities and career development of each individual which also supports the formation of superior HR. Trafoindo Power realizes that every individual in the organization can only go forward supported by companies that have a positive work culture.