a Trafoindo and Siemens Energy Company

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  • Large Distribution Transformer

    We produces Power Transformer with rated capacity 30 MVA - 100 MVA up until 275kV and Larga Distribution Transformer with rated capacity from 4 MVA - 30 MVA up until 36 kV.

  • After Sales Technical Services

    Consulting Services, Commissioning, Sparepart Accesories, Major Repair and Retrofit.

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Transformer Market Solutions

Trafoindo Power Products for Various Industry

Trafoindo Power tailors it's product to fulfill the specific standard from customers. Various industry take advantage from our products: Government, Oil & Gas, EPC, Upstream Power Plant, Downstream Power Plant, Building, Private Power Producer, and more.

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About Trafoindo Power

We manufacturing power transformer at highest quality

Over 15 years experience in high quality transformers in Indonesia, and now equipped with world class innovative technology from SIEMENS. PT TRAFOINDO POWER INDONESIA is a joint venture company between PT Trafoindo Prima Perkasa and Siemens Energy.

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